In connection with the imposition of US sanctions in March 2013 Visa and MasterCard sharply terminated their services to certain organizations and individuals. American banks under the United States Department of the Treasury control had to take rigorous measures against Russia, which caused serious losses to the national companies.

Consequently, our country was confronted with a challenge of creating its own national card payment system (NSPK). The idea was rather simple, i.e. the processing server of such a system would be located on the territory of the Russian Federation, thus, other countries would not have access to the domestic payment transaction information. This would protect transaction information, heighten the level of the national currency’s credibility and, as a consequence, would make our state stronger and more independent.

In this connection, the President of the Russian Federation set a task to create the national payment system in the shortest time possible. Relevant amendments to Federal Law No. 161-FZ “On the National Payment System” of 27 June 2011 were made to provide for the establishment of the National Card Payment System.

Key Facts


Over one million Mir cards issued.

  • Sberbank started to service Mir cards in its ATMs and Point-of-Sale Terminals.
  • Many major Merchants in all market segments accept Mir cards.
Roll-out of Mir social and infrastructural projects: Social Card in Mordovia Republic, Dweller Card in Yekaterinburg, Student Card for the Southern Federal University, Night Holley League player card, etc.
First contactless Mir transaction made with the use of smart watch.
First online Mir purchase transaction.
NSPK Hot Line on Banki.ru web-portal opened.


  • NSPK certified for compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard/PCI DSS 3.1
  • Sberbank acceded to Mir Payment System’s Regulations.
  • The Bank of Russia and NSPK announced the start of Mir card issuing.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding signed between NSPK and BanknetVN Vietnamese payment system.
  • A training conference held for Russian credit organizations, specialized vendors and processing centres.
  • Presentation of Mir Regulations and Fees to the management of credit organizations in the Bank of Russia.
  • Mir Payment System’s Regulations Adopted by the Supervisory Board of National Card Payment System Joint-Stock Company.
The name and logo for the national payment system selected as a result of a nationwide competition. The name Mir was chosen.
A co-badging agreement concluded between NSPK and MasterCard for the issuance of cards under the Mir and Maestro brands.
An all-Russia competition for the best logo and name for the national payment system announced.
NSPK put into operation its Operations and Payment Clearing Centre for the processing of domestic transactions made with international payment systems’ cards.


NSPK began to test its technological platform for processing of bank transactions, including international payment systems’ transactions, in the newly created Operations and Payment Clearing Centre.
National Card Payment System Joint-Stock Company began operations.

National Card Payment System Joint-Stock Company officially registered.
Vladimir Putin signed Federal Law No. 112-FZ On Amendments to the Federal Law On the National Payment System and other Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation.
Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, instructed the Government and the Central Bank of Russia within a month to take all necessary measures necessary to set up the national payment system to safeguard the country’s interests.